eStatement and eNotice

Did you know that you can now receive your monthly checking and savings account statements and notices through Online Banking instead of regular mail?

That’s right!

It really is easy to switch to electronic statements and notices! If you’re not already enrolled in Online Banking….enroll now! Then you’ll receive an eStatement and eNotice enrollment message, complete the enrollment and CLICK!

If you don’t have Online Banking and want to receive your eStatements at an email address you may receive a "PUSH" eStatement.

Complete the Enrollment Form, sign the Agreement and return them to ProGrowth Bank, HELP Center, at PO Box 77, Nicollet MN 56074. When you receive your first notification containing the protected link to your eStatement and eNotice you are required to call us at 507.232.3488 and we will provide you with an "Initial Password" to open your eStatement.

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ProGrowth Bank eStatement, eNotice FAQs

What are eStatements?

Enrollment in eStatement and eNotice

Delivery of eStatements and eNotice

Email Address & Password

What are eStatements and eNotices?

What are eStatements?

eStatements are a FREE service that displays your deposit account bank statement(s) online. You can, at your convenience, easily view, print, and even save your statement to your own computer.

What are eNotices?

Electronic versions of paper notices, such as:

CD Interest, Rate and Maturity Notices

Continuous Overdraft Notice

NSF Notice

Return Item Notice

Credit Back Notice

Regulation E Opt-In Confirmation Notice

Transfer Notice

Stop Payment Notice

Why should I have my statements/notices delivered online only?

  • To reduce the amount of paper coming into your home.

  • To have easy access online to view, save and print each statement for up to 18 months.

  • Faster delivery than paper. You will receive an email notification when your eStatement or eNotice is available.

Can I get eStatements but not eNotices?

No, once you elected to receive eStatements, you will also receive eNotices.

What is the difference between an eStatement and the “Current Statement” information available in Online Banking?

The Current Statement screen shows all the completed and pending transactions for your current statement cycle. You can also choose to have it show transactions for some other specified period. eStatements are electronic versions of the monthly paper statements. They include transactions from a set period of time (a statement cycle) and do not include any pending transactions.

Will I still get images of my canceled checks?

If you receive images of your canceled checks today, you will also receive them in your online statement. In addition, you can also access images of your checks through Online Banking.

Enrollment in eStatements and eNotices

How do I enroll in eStatements/eNotices?

If you are already an Online Banking customer, you will automatically receive enrollment information when you login. Simply follow the instructions.

If you did not enroll when you received the automatic enrollment message, you can enroll at any time. From your Online Banking screen click on the Options tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Edit under eStatement Enrollment and choose the accounts that you would like to receive eStatements/eNotices! It’s that easy!

Is there a cost to view my eStatement/eNotice?

No, this electronic delivery is a FREE service to all our customers.

Is my eStatement/eNotice account information protected from others viewing it?

Yes, we take the privacy of your personal and financial information very seriously, using all precautions possible with multiple layers of security (128-bit encryption). A personal Access ID and Password are required to view your eStatement/eNotice.

Delivery of eStatements

Will I get my eStatement every month?

If you currently get a statement in the mail every month, then your eStatement will be available every month. Customers who receive a mailed statement every quarter will continue to receive their eStatement quarterly.

When will my eStatement be available?

Your eStatement will be available the day after your statement is cycled. See below for the standard cycle dates:

Personal Checking = 15th of the month

Business Checking = 30th of the month

Health Savings Account = 30th of the month

Savings = Quarterly (March 28, June 28, September 28, December 28)

How will I know when my eStatement is available?

If you have enrolled in eStatements, you will receive an email from ProGrowth Bank Online each month to let you know when your eStatement is available. Your eStatement will be available at the same frequency as your current paper statement. Please be sure to keep your email address current within Online Banking. If you have not formally enrolled in eStatements, you will not receive an email.

How will I know when a Notice is sent to me?

You will receive an email notification from ProGrowth Bank Online. In the Subject Line of the email it will say; ProGrowth Bank Online eNotice Account XX _ _ _ _.

How many emails will go out in a day? For example, if I have 3 Overdraft Notices generated, will I receive 3 emails?

You will receive one email per day for each type of notice you receive. For example, three overdrafts on the same day will generate one email, rather than three. However, if you also have another notice, such as a Stop Payment Notice, then you will receive a separate email.

What is the estimated time frame in which the email will go out?

Emails are generated daily. Generally speaking, you should receive your electronic notice the next day. In any case, you should still RECEIVE electronic notices at least two days sooner than if you were receiving those same notices by mail.

What accounts will I be able to receive eStatements for?

Any personal and/or business checking and savings accounts.

Can I get both paper and electronic statements and notices?

No, once you enroll in eStatements/eNotices we will discontinue your paper delivery. You can view, save and print your Online eStatements/eNotices at any time, and they are legally the same as the paper version we mailed to you.

Where do I view my monthly eStatement?

Once you receive your email notice Log In to ProGrowth Online using your unique Access ID and Password.

  1. Click on the account that you want to view.
  2. Click on the eDocuments tab, located in the second row of tabs.
  3. In the Document Type, Click the Notice type.
  4. Enter the appropriate date range for the statement(s) you would like to view and click submit.
  5. Click on the statement you’d like to view. It may take a few seconds to load your information, using Adobe® Reader®.

Where do I view my eNotice?

Once you receive your email notice Log In to ProGrowth Online using your unique Access ID and Password.

  1. Click on the account that you want to view.
  2. Go to the eDocuments tab.
  3. In the Document Type, Click the Notice type.
  4. Click Submit.

Do I need certain computer equipment and software programs to view my eStatements/eNotice?

get acrobat reader

You will need Adobe® Reader®, which is free software for viewing and printing Adobe PDF files. This software lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on all major computer platforms, as well as fill in and submit PDF forms online.

It is likely that the Adobe Reader is already installed on your computer, but if you find that you cannot read the files, it is very easy to download the software and install it.

What if I cannot open the eStatement or eNotice?

In order to view pdf documents, you may need to install Adobe® Reader®. This free software is available for download. You will need this software installed on your computer in order for your computer to download, display, or print your electronic statement, images and notices. For technical issues, please call our HELP Center at 888.244.3490.

Will I be able to see my combined statement(s) online?

Yes, your eStatement will display all accounts currently combined in one statement exactly as it has been on your paper statement.

What should I do when I am finished viewing my eStatement/eNotice?

You have the option of printing or saving your eStatement/eNotice to your computer. You have the ability to review up to 18 months of prior statements/notices. ProGrowth Bank recommends you save your eStatement for your permanent records.

What if I want to start receiving a paper statement/notice for my account(s) again?

You may elect to receive paper statements/notices again at any time. To begin receiving paper statements/notices by mail rather than exclusively online, please contact us at 888.244.3490 or 507.232.3488.

Can I request older statements or notices if I did not save them?

Yes, for an applicable fee. Please contact our HELP Center at 888.244.3490 for assistance.

Email Address & Password

Do I have to have an email address in order to view my statements/notices online?

You are not required to have an email address to view your eStatements/eNotices. You do need a valid email address in order to stop the delivery of your paper statements. You should be aware that customer privacy is of critical importance to ProGrowth Bank. Information regarding customer accounts is kept confidential to protect each customer’s right to privacy, to secure accounts from fraud and to avoid customers receiving unwanted solicitations. For complete information, please see ProGrowth Bank’s Privacy Policy.

What if my email address changes?

You may update your email address Online at any time by following these directions:

  1. Change your email address Online.
    1. Click "Edit" in the E-mail section of the Options page.
    2. Enter the new E-mail address in "New E-mail Address".
    3. Re-enter the new E-mail address in "Confirm E-mail Address".
    4. Click the "Submit" button.
  2. Send us notification of an email address change in writing to: ProGrowth Bank, HELP Center, PO Box 77, Nicollet, MN 56074 or by fax at 507.232.3978
  3. Stop by any of our three locations.

What if my email address is not correct or changes?

If your email address is not correct or changes, we will not be able to notify you that your eStatement/eNotice is available. Failure to update and/or correct your email address will result in ProGrowth Bank sending you a paper statement. We will terminate the eStatement/eNotice feature on your account if your eStatement/eNotice is returned to us undeliverable for three consecutive months. You agree to pay the applicable fee(s) as set forth in the current Service Fee Schedule.

Can I have my eStatement email notification sent to additional email addresses?

Yes, up to three email addresses can receive this notification. Please contact the HELP Center at 507.232.3488 to request an additional email address.

Can I have my eStatement/eNotice sent to multiple email addresses?

Yes, up to three email addresses can be specified to receive an eStatement/eNotice. Sending your eStatement/eNotice to an email address is considered a “PUSH” eStatement/eNotice.

Can my spouse or joint owner receive eDocuments on the same account(s)?

Yes, if they have a different email address than yours. If your spouse or joint owner has the same email address as you, they will see the same email that you receive to access your eDocuments.

May I grant access to additional recipients (i.e., my accountant, trustee, Power of Attorney, etc.)?

Yes. You will have the ability to establish three additional receipients to receive your eDocuments. If you would like to add more than three recipients, please contact the HELP Center at 888.244.3490.

How do the additional recipients access my eDocuments?

It is your responsibility to establish and maintain their ID, password, and email address. If they forget their password, or become locked out of online banking, they must contact you to obtain access again.

What is a PUSH eStatement?

A PUSH eStatement/eNotice is sent directly to an email address. If you don’t have Online Banking then you could have your statement/notice sent to your email address. Or you may want your statement/notice sent to an accountant. To open the statement/notice that is sent to your email address, you will need a password for security purposes. You will be required to contact our HELP Center at 507.232.3488 for your initial password.

What if I accidentally delete my eStatement/eNotices email notification? Can I still view them?

Yes. You can still access eStatements and eNotices under the eDocuments tab via Online Banking for up to 18 months.

What if I forget my password?

No problem, contact ProGrowth Bank at 507.232.3488 to have your password reset.

What should I do if I think my password has been compromised?

Please contact ProGrowth Bank at 507.232.3488.

Who should I contact if I cannot access or do not receive my eDocuments?

If you cannot access your eDocuments, you can contact us through our website, by calling our HELP Center at 507.232.3488, or email

If I have questions about eNotices and eStatements, who can I call?

You can call your local branch, 888.244.3490, or email

If I have questions about online banking or Bill Pay, who can I call?

You can call your local branch, 888.244.3490, or email

If I have questions about check cards, ACH origination, or wire transfers, who can I call?

You can call your local branch, 888.244.3490, or email