ProGrowth Bank Check Card

The ProGrowth Bank Check Card gives you the convenience of
coast-to-coast surcharge-free ATMs with the MoneyPass® network!

You now have access to more surcharge-free ATMs than ever before. The MoneyPass
ATM network is an ever-growing network of ATMs with more than 16,000 locations
coast-to-coast. And each and every one is surcharge-free. That’s the benefit of the MoneyPass ATM network and precisely why ProGrowth Bank participates in MoneyPass.

The ProGrowth Bank Check Card makes using your ProGrowth checking account easier and more convenient than ever. It not only gives you quick and convenient access to cash at thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, it also allows you to make purchases wherever you see the familiar MASTERCARD logo. It's not a credit card, but it's just as easy to use. The money from your ProGrowth Bank Check Card purchase comes directly out of your checking account.

Finding the MoneyPass ATM location nearest to you is easy: Simply visit to access the MoneyPass ATM locator and the most convenient ATMs. If you have a ProGrowth Bank Check Card, you’re ready to go. If you don’t, apply for one today!

How ProGrowth Bank Protects Your Identity

  • The ProGrowth Bank Check Card gives convenient, around-the-clock access to your account at thousands of ATMs worldwide.

  • Surcharge-free ATMs wherever you see the MoneyPass logo.

  • View your most-up-to-date account balance with each ATM transaction.

  • Transactions will post to your account almost immediately.

  • Easy record keeping. Your purchases are detailed on your monthly checking account statement.

Contact a banker today to learn more about our service or apply for your ProGrowth Bank Check Card today.

  • Print, complete form and return.

    • Email:
    • Fax: 507.232.3978
    • Drop off at one of our 3 locations

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact ProGrowth Bank immediately at 888.244.3490 or after hours: 800.554.8969

Protecting Your Check Card!

We may be calling you

To protect your account, we monitor your ATM and check card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity which may include a sudden change in usage location (such as when a card is unexpectedly used in another State or Country), a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or check card use, we’ll be calling you to validate the legitimacy of your transactions. Your prompt response to our call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on the use of your card.

  • Our automated call will ask you to verify recent transaction activity on your card

  • You’ll be able to respond via your touchtone keypad

  • You’ll also be provided a toll-free number to call should you have additional questions

Our goal, quite simply, is to minimize your exposure to risk and the impact of any fraud. To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us informed of your correct phone numbers, especially your cell phone when you are traveling!

Protect yourself

In the meantime, please be diligent in monitoring transaction activity on your account and contact us immediately if you identify any fraudulent transactions. Here are some additional tips on protecting yourself from check card fraud.

  1. Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, avoid giving out your:

      • Address and ZIP code
      • Phone Number
      • Date of Birth
      • Social Security Number
      • Card or Account Number
      • Card Expiration Date

  2. In stores and at ATMs, always cover your card and PIN, and watch for:

      • Cell phone cameras, mirrors, or other tools used to view cards and PINs
      • People watching your transactions
      • Cashiers taking your card out of sight; take it to the register yourself
      • Any unusual activity at an ATM; if you feel uncomfortable, go to another ATM

  3. Online, you should never respond to unsolicited emails that:

      • Ask you to verify your card or account number; such emails are not sent by legitimate businesses
      • Link to websites; such sites can look legitimate but may collect data or put spyware on your computer

As always, please feel free to call us at 888.244.3490.

Frequently Asked Questions for ProGrowth Bank Check Cards:

Q: How do I find an ATM in the area to use without getting a surcharge?
A: There are many ATMs available for you to use besides ours. Look for an ATM with a MoneyPass logo. Refer to the complete list of MoneyPass ATM locations on website. Here are just a couple:

  • US Bank’s – two locations in Mankato

  • First National Bank Minnesota - Gaylord, St. Peter, Mankato

  • Alliance Bank’s – New Ulm

  • Klein Bank’s – south Twin City metro, Chaska, Victoria, Waconia, Lakeville

Q: How will my Check Card arrive?
A:   New cards will arrive by mail with activation instructions.

  • Call the toll free number listed 800.567.3451

  • Enter the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number

  • You will be asked to verify your identity with 2 of 3 authentication factors

  • You will be instructed to select a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  • Upon successfully activating your card and selecting a PIN you will hear this message: “Your PIN has been set and your card is ready to use. Thank you, goodbye.”

  • Your card is now ready to use

  • If you have any problems during the call you can press 0 for assistance

Q: What if I forgot my PIN or I want to change my PIN?
A: Call the toll free number 800.567.3451

  • Enter the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card number

  • You will be asked to verify your identity with 2 of 3 authentication factors

  • Once the card has been verified you will hear this message: “I see your card is already activated. Please enter your NEW 4-digit PIN.”

  • You will be instructed to select a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  • Upon successfully changing your PIN you will hear this message: “Your PIN has been set. Thank you, goodbye.”

  • If you have any problems during the call you can press 0 for assistance

Q: What number do I call to activate my card if I lost my card mailer?
A: 800.567.3451

Q:  How do I know what my cash and purchase limits are?
A: Call our HELP Center: 888.244.3490 and we will provide you with that information.

Q: Who do I call if my card is lost or stolen?
A: Call our HELP Center 888.244.3490 or after hours 800.554.8969.

Q: Can I transfer money from any one of my account to another at an ATM?
A: Yes

Q: Can I see my account balance at an ATM?
A:  Yes, balances are available at ATMs….but that also means that you can only withdraw or make purchases on money that is currently in your account.

Q: Can I get a Check Card with my Savings Account?
A:  Yes, for ATM withdrawals only.

Q: How many accounts can be tied to my Check Card?
A: Five; Primary Checking and Savings, Secondary Checking and Savings, Ready Reserve


ProGrowth Check Card Holds and Pre-Authorizations

When you use your ProGrowth Check Card, authorization is needed before they will accept it for payment. Once the transaction is approved, the balance in your checking account is reduced or “blocked” by the amount of the purchase. This is known as a pre-authorization hold. The merchant determines the hold amount. Typically the hold stays on your account until funds are transferred to the merchant, often 3-4 days. If you look at your account online it shows as a pending transaction.


*12/10/2009 # # # # # DDA PREAUTH MERCHANT, MERCHANT ADDRESS 8.85 

Pre-authorization holds.

In the first example above, the merchant is only holding $1.00 of the total purchase. Some merchants will hold $50 or $100 depending on what is being purchased.

In the second example above, the merchant is holding funds for the entire purchase.

How do pre-authorizations work?

In a few situations, the dollar amount of the transaction is unknown when an approval is given. This may happen when you check into a hotel room, rent a car*, pay for gas at the pump or use your check card to pay for your meal at a restaurant. In each of these transactions, the merchant may get approval for a higher (estimated) amount – allowing for a tip, room service, additional or higher purchase amounts.

Let’s say you have $60 in your account when you use your check card to pay for gas at the pump. Since the purchase amount is unknown when you insert your card, the merchant requests an authorization for $50. The authorization causes a hold to be placed on your account for $50 and your available balance is reduced to $10. If you only purchased $20 in gas, you may believe you have $40 available in your account. Unless you understand how a pre-authorization hold affects your account, your check card could be declined on any future transactions attempted while the pre-authorization hold is in place. If checks or other transactions are processed before the hold is released you may overdraw your account and incur overdraft fees.

Want to know about pre-authorizations? Just ask!

When you use your ProGrowth Check Card in a situation where the merchant may estimate the charge (hotels, car rental*, gas at the pump, restaurants, etc) use the following tips:

  • When a business asks for your card in advance of service – ask if they will initiate a pre-authorization hold, the amount of the hold and how the amount is determined. These questions will help ensure the hold will not exceed your account balance.

  • Pay the charges with the same card you used when initiating the transaction. Ask the clerk when the hold will be removed.

*Many rental car companies will not accept check or debit cards.