IRA Rates

We keep our rates posted online as a convenience to our customers when making financial decisions. You can apply online for accounts and credit. Realize rates are subject to change, so when in doubt, please contact us.

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Rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APY) are accurate as of 9/25/2013.




Minimum Balance to Obtain APY

Annual Percentage Yield $1,000.00 .36 .67 .53 .32
$100,000.00 .41 .67 .61
Current Interest Rate $1,000.00 .36 .67 .53 .32
$100,000.00 .41 .67 .61
Fixed or Variable Interest Rate Fixed Fixed Fixed Variable
Interest Compounding Annual Annual Annual Quarterly
Interest Crediting Annual Annual Annual Quarterly
Statement Cycles Annual Annual Annual Quarterly
Interest  Rate Changes Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
Early Withdrawal Penalty 3 Month 9 Month 18 Month NONE
Minimum  Deposit to Open Account $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $100
Monthly Fall Below Fee if balance falls below $200.00 daily minimum balance. NONE NONE NONE $2.00
Debit Item Fee, for each debit in excess of six(6) during each calendar month. NONE NONE NONE $5.00

Fees may reduce earnings. Closing fee of $50. A $50 transfer request applies to transfers/withdrawals resulting in a remaining balance below $1,000, excluding RMDs. These accounts are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 per depositor. Early withdrawal penalties apply (A penalty will be imposed for withdrawals before maturity). The interest rate we will use to calculate this early withdrawal penalty will be the interest rate in effect at the time of the withdrawal. In certain circumstances, such as death or incompetence of an account owner, the law permits, or in some cases requires, the waiver of the early withdrawal penalty. Please contact us with any questions.

Please review our Service Fees Schedule for any additional fees that may apply.