ProGrowth 24Hour TeleBank

Just call:

Toll Free:
888.922.BANK (2265)

Welcome to ProGrowth 24Hour TeleBank... your convenient source for account and rate information, 24 hours a day, using a touch-tone phone.

With ProGrowth 24Hour TeleBank, you can quickly and easily:

  • Access your checking, savings and loan accounts

  • Verify deposits, electronic fund transfers, ProGrowth Check Card transactions

  • Make transfers

  • And so much more...

Follow the step-by-step guide and find out how easy it is to use ProGrowth 24Hour TeleBank!

Safe and Secure

Only you can access your specific account information.  You will be asked to provide your account number and your four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). To obtain your PIN just dial the 24Hour TeleBank number and receive all the necessary instructions. Do not share your PIN with anyone to ensure your privacy.