Easy To Use! Just call:

Mankato & Nicollet area: 507-232-3730

Toll free: 1-888-922-BANK (2265)

When you call ProGrowth 24Hour TeleBank, follow the easy instructions. Access your accounts in English or Spanish. If you press the wrong buttons or need to hear the instructions problem, just use these buttons anytime:

Press 5 to change your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Press 9 to return to the Main Menu or Previous menu

Press 0 to speak with ProGrowth Banker (from 8 AM to 5:00 PM M-F).

Main Menu

1 Account Information

2 Certificate of Deposit and IRA Information

3 TeleBank Instructions

4 Report a Lost or Stolen ProGrowth Check Card

5 Locations an Business Hours

After you press 1 to access your accounts, you will be asked to enter your account number. Then choose if the account number is a checking, savings, loan or CD. Then enter your PIN and account number again.

Here are the options to choose from within Account Information:

1 Account information

1 Checking Account Information

2 Transfer Funds

3 Review Transactions

4 Pending Transactions

2 Savings Accounts

1 Recent Withdrawals

2 Recent Deposits

3 All Transactions

4 Pending Transactions

3 Certificate of Deposit Information

2 IRA Information

4 Loan Account

1 Current Balance and Loan Payment

2 Recent Transactions

3 Interest Information

4 Loan Payoff